Design Management

Hands On Management Informed By Experience

Once we are certain that designs are fit for purpose and fully compliant with prevailing legislation and regulations, we can either hand over to your preferred contractor(s) or we can manage the entire build phase for you.

Design Square has successfully managed projects from 2.5 square metres to 25,000 square metres and budgets from less than £5,000 to more than £10,000,000

Whatever the size of your project, to achieve successful completion, we approach your build in three key stages:

Client Liaison

Often a project will involve a number of stakeholders and Design Square works hard to identify and accommodate the requirements of everyone involved.

As consummate collaborators with a keen awareness of local cultures, we are skilled at integrating disparate teams, communicating with staff and contractors about operations, security and responsibilities and ensuring that everyone understands the critical path for the project.

Resource Management

Design Square will research all local and national materials, contractors and specialist suppliers.

We research the latest legislation and regulations affecting the choice of materials in the country in which your project will be built, and take up references for all contractors and specialist suppliers.

Design Management

Design Square will provide you with a schedule of works and provide a budget break-down for your fit-out programme.

We obtain costs by tender or negotiation and liaise closely with shop fitters, architects, sign contractors, builders and all other specialists, as well as with you, to manage spend and ensure the smooth running of your site(s).