Planning And Logistics

Planning for Successful Interiors

Approving your interior design brings you a step closer to seeing your space transformed. However, before and during build, there is a maze of regulations and legislation to negotiate.

If your design is not compliant, your project could be delayed or even derailed. Involve Design Square from the outset and you’ll benefit from our considerable experience in minimising the obstacles your might encounter.

Design Integrity Check List

Not all architects and designers are as up to date with prevailing legislation and regulations.  A minor oversight could cause major delays or worse, so these are just a few of the things Design Square will take into consideration, as soon as you brief us on a project:

  • European Construction & Design Management Regulations
  • Offices, Airports, Shops and Railway Premises Act
  • Health & Safety Legislation
  • Fire Precautions Act
  • Local Authority Planning and Building Control Constraints
  • Disabled Access
  • Local Authority constraints
  • Sustainability
  • Licensing Acts (Liquor and Gaming)
  • British Codes of Practice



Contact Design Square for planning and logistics advice and designs informed by what we have learned.